Go: A Better Fan-out, Fan-in Example

A better example to understand the fan-out, fan-in concurrency pattern in Go.

Austin Burnett

6 minute read

As I’ve been learning Go, I’ve knowingly put off picking up the concurrency model as I know it’s something I haven’t touched since college. Wanting an additional resource to dive back in, I’ve been reading Concurrency in Go by Katherine Cox-Buday. This book has been great as someone who generally understands the idioms of Go, but may not know where to start when it comes to concurrency.


A recap of my marathon experience.

Austin Burnett

10 minute read

It started back in April 2017. While running the Cap 10k, I experienced the “runner’s high” that is so often referenced. Upon finishing, I was ready for the next race. Unfortunately in Texas, April is typically the last month of enjoyable outdoor activity as May brings hotter temperatures transitioning into the Summer months. With no races ahead of me, I started to do some research. I stumbled upon the Austin Runner’s Club Distance Challenge - a series of 5 races designed…